Board of Lay Ministry

The Board of Lay Ministry consists of five men noted for their Christian knowledge, zeal and experience in the spiritual work of the Kingdom of Christ. The basic concerns of this board are the spiritual welfare of the Pastor(s), Called Workers of the Church, and congregation members. They oversee all matters concerning worship and maintain discipline within the congregation according to Scripture, and the Lutheran Confessions.

Board of Christian Outreach, Assimilation, and Social Ministry

The objective of the Board is to bring the Gospel to the un-churched and equip our members to both deepen their faith and to share it with others. It is based in our statement of purpose, which is to reach out and help our community grow in Christ and encourage each other to use our gifts to glorify God.

The following are a number of projects and initiatives currently being pursued by the Board:

  • Offer outreach and personal witnessing training for members. We are currently providing a Bible study utilizing the book, DVD and study guide titled “Across the Room”, written by well known church leader Bill Hybels.
  • We strongly support the Amnion “Life is Beautiful” walk.
  • Work with VEAP (Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People) to provide ongoing food shelf donations and schools supplies for needy families in the southern suburbs.
  • Assist members in identifying their spiritual gifts
  • Launched a regular men’s organization (“Guy Time”) which meets on the first Monday of each month.
  • Provide greeters, welcome center staff, and visitor follow up.
  • Continue to identify personal needs through an active tele-ministry program.
  • Providing volunteers to local events such as “National Night Out”
  • Offers free childcare one Friday evening a month during the school year (Empty Nesters) to parents of children at Holy Emmanuel and Open Arms.
  • Coordinates and serves lunch and supper at mid-week services during the Lenten Season.

If you have interest in becoming involved in any of Holy Emmanuel’s ongoing community outreach programs, please contact Chuck Squires at [email protected] or call (952) 944-6187.

Board of Christian Education

The board of Christian Education provides adult Christian education to foster spiritual growth in the life of the church members. They:

  • Research and provide bible study curriculum for Sunday and weekday studies
  • Recruit and train adult bible study leaders
  • Encourage and provide bible study material for Life Groups to meet and bond together
  • Provide educational speakers and programs to educate members on Christian themes
  • Provide funds for the continuing education of the church staff through conferences, conventions and training
  • Maintain, improve, and promote the church library

If you are interested in volunteering your time and talent, or would like to attend one of the class offers at Holy Emmanuel, please contact our main office at (952) 888-2345 to speak with our staff.

Board of Early Childhood Education and Open Arms Early Childhood Christian Center

Contact: [email protected]

Open Arms Early Childhood Christian Center is a non-profit, Christian early childhood ministry offered by Holy Emmanuel Lutheran Church. Open Arms offers age-appropriate childcare for infants through pre-kindergarten. The center also offers care for school-aged children on both a full and part time basis.

Open Arms is governed by a Board of Directors who are not employees of Open Arms. These Board members are members of Holy Emmanuel. The Chair and Co- Chairs of the Board are elected by the voting members of Holy Emmanuel and serve a two year term. The Early Childhood Open Arms Board assists in the growth and development of the ministry of Open Arms to the surrounding community by providing the highest quality of child care in a loving, nurturing, Christ-centered environment.

There are many events throughout the year which take place jointly with Open Arms and Holy Emmanuel. Theses include:

  • Christmas Program
  • Sunday Morning Singing Events with Holy Emmanuel Sunday School and Open Arms Children
  • Fall Costume Party
  • Valentine Bingo
  • Family Pizza Night

Board of Church Properties

The Board of Church Properties is the group who keeps the church building in working order all year round. Its five current members are responsible for:

  • Inspecting, maintaining, and repair of church property, infrastructure, and grounds
  • Contracts and rental agreements
  • Lawn care and snow removal
  • Overseeing the new Bell Tower Project
  • Making sure the church has proper insurance coverage


Board of Youth, Family and Children’s Ministry

Contact: [email protected]

This board is in charge of strengthening the Christian home and helping equip parents, children and young people for Christian family living.

They  provide the youth organization(s) of the congregation with Christian leaders and teachers. They  establish objectives, set policies and approve curriculum and analyze the performance of children & youth programming including Sunday School and midweek classes.


Board of Public Relations

The board of Public Relations is in charge of  presentations to the public of a Christian image which will reflect favorably upon the work of Christ and of the congregation. They publicize the work of the congregation through various channels, including

  • website
  • newspaper
  • facebook ads
  • signage
  • television
  • radio