At Home Bible Study from your Board of Christian Education – 8/05/20 Lesson 12 Life Principle: Obey God and Leave all the Consequences to Him How do you relate to God, His commands, and the challenges and temptations that confront you? The world denies read more

Lesson 11 Life Principle: Our Highest Priority is our Close Relationship with God We are starting a new focus on our At Home Bible Studies: Christian Life Principles to help you become everything that God designed you to be. These Principles, based on Hisread more

Lesson 10 The Christian Virtue of Perseverance After an accident at work, Joe was told that he would never walk again. Yet in time he discovered that he could take a few steps if he leaned on two canes. Every day he would walk as far as he could, moving eread more

At Home Bible Study from your Board of Christian Education – 7/15/20 Lesson 9: The Christian Virtue of Integrity You tell that little white lie (that doesn’t count does it?), you find yourself flirting with a coworker (but you are married), you find aread more

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Holy Emmanuel Lutheran Church “ANCHORED” VBS 2020 Thank you for registering your child for this exciting event!! We are so excited to spend time together “diving” into all of our fun activities! Your child will get to experience upread more