Children’s enthusiastic expressions of faith can help transform the church and everyone in it. We are intentional about incorporating children into the church at large. Worship, dancing, Sunday School, and special events are all part of this ministry.

At Holy Emmanuel children are encouraged to dance during the worship services as a way to respond to God’s love.
Attendees can also look for the Lamb’s Lesson, that is the object lesson, that help explains the scripture that week. We also have a special “noisy offering” (the lose coins in your pockets) that the children collect during the worship service. This offering is donated to a different organization each month as part of outreach direct from the kids of Holy Emmanuel. If that doesn’t get your little one excited then the music at the end will. Frequently children are invited to join the band in the closing song while playing instruments. This is all done to empower them to be leaders of the church even from a very young age.

In addition to our weekly church services with children participation we also offer quarterly Family Worship times. During these worship services children lead the service. Music, activities, prayer with pictures, puppets and instruction along with each part of liturgy, are all done to help children understand and actively be part of worship.


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